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    EAYS training was instrumental to the growth of our business and recent success in Arizona. As a small business owner, we are torn in so many directions on a daily basis that, in order to survive, we have to find trusted partners to elevate our people to a level of autonomy. EAYS was able to take over the most important aspects of our business, our customer service. Now when someone at our company answers the phone, there is a consistent message and sales process. Problems are escalated in a controlled fashion, freeing up my time to focus on growing the business instead of fighting fires all day. EAYS has been the key to a 25% increase in lead conversion rate and an overall growth rate of 34% annually.
    Window Repair Mesa
    John Belliamo

We specialize in standardizing your customer service and sales workflow


All projects start with careful assessment of the current systems and identification of areas that need improvement.

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Consulting and Training Costs

Type of service Cost Time
General Consulting $75 1 hour
General Training $65 1 hour
Technology Integration $90 1 hour
Sales & Marketing $100 1 hour
Compliance Training $95 1 hour

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